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Looking to get a website designed?
Let us help you decide what  features you would like and what the approximate cost would be.

We have designed this to help you navigate the decisions you are going to need to make about your web site.  We have found in the past that often clients start out thinking they want a very simple site and then once they become aware of what is possible they then want to upgrade and can be disappointed to find that will need to pay an additional fee.  We want to ensure that this process is clear and as unambiguous as possible.  Please spend a few minutes on the pages to go through what you think you might want on your site. We have put basic elements in that a typical services professional would like. We have also added information, if you hover over the item a description will appear that tells you what that item does and why it may be useful for you.

Once you get to the end of this process. If you are just doing research and exploration at this time its fine with us.
So, feel free and get going.
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Basic Site ($450)
Contact form ($10)
Member System ($100)
Instant Poll ($25)
Guest Book ($15)
Blog ($100)
Forum ($200)
Picture Gallery ($20)
Event Calendar ($25)
Site Visitor Statistics (Advanced) ($25)
Online Quiz/Test ($30 for 20 mix questions)
News Letter subscription ($75)
Ecommerce enable ($150 onwards)
Website Maintenance (Starts from $5 pcm)
Emails (5 email accounts free. Extra emails @ $15)
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Your Business Online Identity is OUR TOP PRIORITY
Contact Us with your requests and we will get back with you with an answer.
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Professional and Affordable  Website Design, Hosting and Graphic Design
Your Business Online Identity is OUR TOP PRIORITY
Contact Us with your requests and we will get back with you with an answer.
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Accountability - You talk to the owner every time.
Low Prices - keep your costs down by having us do your website design work. Our prices are among the lowest other designers charge.
100% Satisfaction - the job is not done until our client is happy. Client satisfaction is our #1 priority.
Communication - you will have direct access to your designer. No middle man that relays the incorrect information.
No Contracts - of course we have contracts available, but we DO NOT REQUIRE long term contracts.
Search Engine Friendly - our sites are built so that your information is indexed properly in the search engines.