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About Us was founded by Jeremy Bourland & CainO' in 2002 after CainO' got laid off in KC & had moved to Las Angeles for work.
KCLAI was originally intended to be KC LA Inc., but they later found out that it was already taken by a local radio station in LA.
They both had different interests and later went in different directions, but CainO' still tries to take care of Jeremy's IT needs.
CainO' moved to Washington state for a couple years, then came back home to Kansas City in 2005 where his family roots reside.

CainO' finally organized in 2006 under KC LA Management, Terry came on board in 2007 and we have grown to what you see now.


90% of our products and services with the exception of CainO's Aromatherapy, are U.S. based and we intend to keep it that way.

One of our servers is out of Switzerland; CainO's first and still existing server is based out of Iowa, the other two main servers are in

Arizona and California. We had one in Illinois, but had faded it out and we are now working on building our own here in Kansas City.


We do not intend to outsource to slave laboring countries, we recruit and hire within the Kansas City area as much as possible.
We also have local companies outsourcing business to us; and if you need help with your IT need, we are here for you.

One of the thing CainO' is disappointed in is our apparel advertising options. 95% of apparel is made in sweet shops anymore, so CainO' is work towards finding more American made clothing to put his advertisements on. In the mean time, he hand picks stuff from the thrift store and the clearance sections at china-mart and other big-name-marts. He then has them embroidered and/or screen printed on, here in K.C. to support local business.


Another disappointment is the technology we use is also 9 times out of 10 made in sweet shops and/or third world slave laboring countries, and that too is disturbing. We look forward to seeing more American made technology and plan to use it if we can. CainO' strives to have "Made in U.S.A." stamped on 90% of everything he uses; his meadow is, "If it is not made in the U.S. and it is not a necessity, we don't need it". We don't mind supporting other nations that create a quality product as well as a decent living and environment for their citizens; what we don't like is the reality of how this world has digressed when we have come so far as mammals.


KC LA International is a Christian & Poly based company with morals and standards. Our morals and standards may not be as high as some reading this nor what others may think they should be; but we are proud to say we are above board, well above the average and that is OK by us. Furthermore; we do not discriminate against anyone for their beliefs and/or backgrounds, race, religion, GBLT, Adult Content or otherwise. This is a FREE country and we support your 1st amendment rights and expect others to respect ours.  However; we do have a place where we draw the line, that being anything to distasteful and/or obviously illegal. We don't discriminate in the gray areas, but we stay well away from the red zone. We also reserve the right to decide where that line is, we try to respect everyone and we will not force workers to work on projects that conflict with their belief structures.


You can count on us for your IT needs, your rights and your privacy. Two of our cardinal rules are, "Honest and Communication in Relationships"; that means both business and personal. You can count on us to give it to you straight forward, dirt or otherwise. Like one of our associates slogan says, "Trust Means Business". You can Click Here to Cyber Stock Us.


KCLAInternational: KCLAManagement, TDHWebDesign & KcITguy
How we started & who we are.