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Specializing is small business and home user solutions

We currently have some local I.T. companies outsourcing business to us, so if you need our help in assisting your customers needs, feel free to give us a call; T3AMWORK MAKES THE DR3AM WORK! We are not worried about competition, we can work together and grow together; there plenty of room for us all! We believe in supporting locally home grown products and service, we believe in supporting our community; what goes around comes around.


Computer Support


Web Support



KC LA International


KC LA Hosting as
 TDH Web Design and  Kc IT guy...

KC LA Management, LLC
PO Box 4135
Independence, MO. 64051

816.309.5578 - Terry - VP
0900-2100 cst - Web Design, Hosting, and more...

816.8241994 - Jamie - B2B
0900-2100 cst - Database, Hardware, Software, Web Design and more...

816.518.8804 - CainO'
0700-2100 cst - Aroma Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Domain Support and more...


816.616.0839 - Ervin
After Hours Support - Hardware, Video / DVD Marketing, Office Networks and  xXx Management and more...


816.517.0196 - David - B2B
1000-1800 M-Sat. cst - Aroma Marketing, Business Psychology; Mental, physical health and clarity through Herbology

417.298.6261 - Jeff
0700-2100 cst - Astrology for Psychology and Compatibility both in Business and Personal.

913.Back.2.School - OKOYE- B2B
0?00-2100 cst - Real-Estate, Management, Psychology and Marketing; both in Business and Residential.

816.728.2153 - Candy- B2B
0900-2100 cst - Real Estate, Management; Business and Residential


888.322.1414 - Ron Paul -
24/7 - FREEDOM Update - Lenny Ladner -
24/7 - FREEDOM Update

You can call any of the top four contacts for  911 support at any time, be advised that we may be asleep and will get back to you ASAP; the above hours are recommended.

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