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Basic Site.
The Basic site is the main frame work or the base site.
It will contain the following features:
> 5 Web pages (static html) includes:
> 1 Contact Us page
> 1 Picture Gallery (Basic) with Maximum 15 images
> Visitor Counter (Basic)
Note: Additional pages at $50 per page

Domain for website.
This is the "address" of your website - the name that visitors type in to the location window of their browser to get to your homepage.

Contact Form
A contact form is an opportunity for the visitor to your site to get in touch with you. It is a safe mode of connection as your email id is not disclosed and you can collect as much data about your potential client this way. The form is secure and safeguarded from spam so your forms can not be mined by software and this prevents you form being bombarded with unwanted mail.

Instant Poll
This is a great way to conduct informal research. A visitor can vote only once so there is no way of posting multiple votes. You can publish your poll results and people may return to your site if they have an interest in the results. If you use this in conjunction with a members area people can sign up to receive the results by email, providing you another opportunity to be in contact with clients and potential clients and a low cost way to adding value to them.

Member System
Through this option you can make people register to your site. There will be an option to sign up as a visitor. Once registered, the person gets access to the member area. There are options for the member to change their password, retrieve forgotten logins, etc. The details of the members will be stored on the website and can be used as and when required for sending Newsletters or others. You can make material available to members that is not generally available on your site.

Guest Book
A Guest Book as the name suggests, is a place where people visiting your site can leave comments and views. It is a sort of scrap book. This Guest Book is secured so will not attract spam.

Ecommerce enable
Create a 24hours online  store to sell your products.
E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet or online retail selling.
TDH Web Design
A Blog can be a personal or corporate and is a part of the website or an individual website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may comment on posts. Entries typically appear in reverse chronological order.

There are so many names for a Forum. Some think of them as message boards or bulletin boards. Some call them threaded discussions, discussion boards or discussion groups while others call them conferences. A forum is a place where people have the ability to start communication and reply to other people's threads. A member of the community in the forum posts a message, which is visible to everyone in that community. Once read, there is the option to post a reply, which can also be visible to the community. Thus, a discussion can build up without all users having to be online at the same time.

Picture Gallery
Picture Gallery is a place to display your images in style for the visitors to have a look. The unique style of displaying the images makes it an attraction for the viewers and on the other hand we must not forget " Every picture tells a story".

Site Visitor Statistics (Advanced)
One more extension which monitors traffic on your website. It displays three data at a time: 1. All time Total Visitors on your site. 2. All time Unique Visitors to your site. 3. Number of Live Visitors right now on your site

Online Quiz/Test
As the name suggests, get an online Test/Quiz for your visitors. It may be configured for every visitor to participate or with a login system where people who have the username and pass can attempt the test. The test can be attempted from any where in the world and the result can be sent to your email or saved on your website (for you to check anytime) moment the participant completes the test.

Website Maintenance
If you think that just designing, developing and hosting your website is enough, then you need to rethink your strategy. All customer-oriented, transaction-oriented and Ecommerce based websites need constant evaluation as to its content, applications, search engine optimization, bug fixing and technical support.
As a website owner, various questions may come to your mind. You would like to insure that your website works at maximum possible speed all the times. You would also like that the content of your website always remains fresh and updated. You won’t like your website to stop functioning at crucial times. You may also in need of 24/7/365 technical support.
Your Business Online Identity is OUR TOP PRIORITY
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