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Whether you are an experienced web developer or a complete novice, our plans have been designed with you in mind. We specialize in quality web hosting solutions at affordable prices, along with the best technical support and customer service in the industry. If you need a reliable web host who's number one priority is you, KCLAI is a great option. 

Hosting Plan Comparisons

 Hosting Plan Mini Hosting Corporate Hosting *Reseller Hosting Dedicated Sever
 Disk storage & data transfer
Starting Space/Band Width  10MB/5GB per month 200MB/15GB per month 1GB/25GB per month 80GB/1,200GB per month
Maximum Space/ Band Width 100MB/12GB per month 2,000MB/35GB per month 5GB/80GB per month Virtually No Limit
 Data transfer (GB/mo) 5 15 30 Learn more
 Unmetered Hits/Visitors yes yes yes yes
*Reseller accounts allow you to sell web hosting services to others, and host multiple web sites, all with their own control panels at no extra cost whatsoever.
 Pricing (Click on price to sign up)
 Annual Cost
   [Pay every 12 months]
 Quarterly Cost
   [Pay every 3 months]
 Setup Fee $0 $0 $0 $0
 More info Learn more Learn more Learn more Learn more

Linux hosting at its finest: KCLAI is ready to provide you cPanel accounts hosted on top end Linux servers:
Linux is a very versatile platform that serves a number of functions well. It is particularly suitable for meeting your Internet requirements, such as mailing, streaming, Web servers, and file serving. Linux is a very cost-effective choice and uses hardware efficiently, and is compatible with hundreds of thousands of scripts, programming languages, and more.

Flexible Payment Options: Pay by Credit Card, Check, or PayPal:
KC LA Management, LLC & TDH Web Design will accept payments by Credit Card, Check, and/or PayPal. There are options for everyone, and we are more than happy to work our a payment plan with you. If you have questions about payment
 Contact Us.

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